Building a Pressure Injury Prevention Program

Building a pressure injury prevention (PIP) program is never an easy task. Successful programs are often just as much about the protocols as they are about building strong relationships.

Holly Kirkland-Kyhn, Director of Wound Care at the University of California Medical Center, takes a cheerful approach to team building that is professional, yet fun. As a thought leader in pressure injury prevention, Kyhn builds collaboration across teams and functions at UC Davis and educates clinicians around the country on how to do the same.

Holly’s specialty is bringing many people together and giving them ownership to drive toward a common cause. “I have a big tent” she explains. That means people like to get involved, a key to the success of any program.

Ensuring these components run smoothly and gaining stakeholder buy-in are easier said than done. Varying levels of awareness of where and how pressure injuries originate add complexity to building cohesive teams. It can take years of persistent effort and internal education to gain the kind of alignment that moves initiatives forward.

Watch 3M’s interview with Holly for actionable insights on building a strong PIP program.

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