More Than Skin Deep: Insights and Best Practices for Skin Health

Millions of people make skin a priority through anti-aging regimens, sun protection and moisturizing. So why, when people become ill, is skin frequently overlooked?

It is a question 3M frequently asks clinicians and was the focus of a 2017 webinar in partnership with Dr. Heather Hettrick, and the Wound and Skin Care Team at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America® in Philadelphia (CTCA), the 2015 3M Award for Excellence in Skin Safety honorees.

Listen as these patient skin advocates discuss the importance of skin health – from enhancing the patient experience to providing a window to other health concerns – and learn how CTCA in Philadelphia successfully implemented a hospital-wide skin management program that positively affected patients being treated for cancer.

Access the archived webinar. Note: it does require 3M℠ Health Care Academy registration.

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